Barbara S. Redfield
The Shirt Factory
77 Cornell Street #208
Kingston, New York 12401

Mobile: 845-443-6666
Etsy: Catskill Collection

My experience with the world of art, began as a young adult, when I was named by Gov. Rockefeller a founding Trustee of OLANA, home of the Hudson River artist, Frederick Church. I was later instrumental in revitalizing the artist in residency program, as a Board Member of the Catskill Center. I also developed experiential workshops for elementary and secondary school children for the Mead School for Human Development and Brewster Academy. My professional career took me all over the US, Mexico and Europe as a teacher and workshop leader. I taught “How to Use the Creative Process as a Tool for Healing”. I taught therapists in training institutes how to add the spiritual/healing process to the medical construct. My work is based on the belief that although allopathic medicine can often work a quick fix, any long lasting effect, needs to have a self generated creative/spiritual practice. The conundrum is that many of us experienced not being able to draw representational pictures as children. “I can’t draw a straight line!” is a common refrain. So for those of us who find sitting meditation difficult, the most immediate doorway into our spiritual core is through the creative process. My experience is that regardless of the final product, making art of any kind, puts one immediately Into one’s spiritual essence!

I have appeared on CBS, ABC and NY1 TV. My essays can be found on NPR, go to WAMC/RoundTable

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Barbara is semi retired but does occasionally give private sessions and workshops, in person and by phone. Please contact for availability.

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