Barbara S. Redfield


Looking at a work of art, whether you created it or it was made by another artist, there are clues available to you, about you. The same way symbols and messages in dreams are there for you to discover, so it is in art. Reading messages should be fun, as well as informative. There is definitely magic in the process. Where the messages come from is NOT important. The amazing secret is that messages surround us and it is only a matter of requesting information, which some may experience as guidance. Certainly, any creation has messages for the creator. The awesome news is that any object that you feel a strong connection to, has personal messages for you, the recipient, that are equally impactful. Not only are messages available at the time of your initial connection, but they continue to be there FOREVER. Whether you are familiar with the process of reading messages, or are new to the concept, this booklet will guide you though the process, with some simple exercises to jump start your journey.


Choose three words that identify three objects in the piece that you have chosen:
Write a sentence using those three words.
Write a question using those three words. Write a poem using those three words.
Choose a different set of three words and do the same.
(Note 5 years later … there will be brand new messages specifically relevant for that day, using the same or different words that you choose on that first encounter.)


Name the first person who comes to mind when you look at the piece you have chosen. What can the piece tell you about your relationship with that person? What have you been avoiding? What have you been afraid to say, do, or hear?
Name the first feeling that you experience when you look at the piece you have chosen. What can that feeling tell you about yourself today?
Name the first action that you experience when you look at the piece you have chosen What can that action tell you about what it is important to do or NOT do today?
Name the first impression you have when you look at the piece you have chosen. What sense can that impression give you today?


Name each object in the piece you have chosen. This does not have to be a concrete thing, it can be a line, color, shape or even a void,,,
Ask each one:
What is the best way to incorporate pleasure
Into my life every day?
How can I make sure I laugh?
What am I afraid of? Why am I afraid?
Who can help me with my life’s task?
Why do I continue to repeat my mistakes?
Where can I go for help with my biggest problem?
Is there a step, I am skipping over?
Create your own personal question …


Choose each object, one by one, give it a voice, imagine that it can talk …
Please tell me something I do not remember.
Please tell me something I think I do not know, but on a deep level, I do know.
Please tell me something I keep forgetting about myself.
Please tell me something I read or heard that is important for me.
Please tell me something I can do today to make me happy.
Please tell me something I can do today to express my gratitude.


Choose each object, one by one, again, give it a voice and ask open ended thoughts and questions that are personal to you in the moment. Examples follow:
Help me fulfill my life’s task.
I am thinking about how to resolve my traumatic childhood experiences.
I am worried about the divisions that exist in our country today and do not know how to be true to my own beliefs and yet avoid hating the opposite side.
I want to support racial equality, but I have very little money or time to devote to helping this issue.
I have no idea how it is possible to forgive.
I want to make time for a spiritual practice, but I am overwhelmed by my life right now.
My children are grown and on their own, but I still spend much too much time worrying about them.


The most important thing I want to emphasize is that this process should be fun! Further, I believe that all spiritual truth is simple and often has humor, as part of its deepest teaching. If it is pleasurable, it does not mean that it is trivial or shallow. It can, and often is, meaningful. From this perspective sad and painful truths, are joyful because they are true. The next thing I want to strongly suggest is to do these exercises in writing. The difference between asking these questions with your voice and writing them down is monumental! The writing, partially because it takes longer, helps to solidify and inte- grate the information. It is even better to write both the questions and the answers. (The use of two different color pens helps not only today, but especially looking back at past writing.) Date the entries as you go. It’s great to have a special, separate journal for messages/guidance. Remember whether you create a piece of art or you are the viewer/recipient/collector there are personal messages waiting in it for you!


Here are some personal messages from the creation of this box:

The Buddha is light as a feather and it can soar like a bird.
The labyrinth is a golden path that awakens my soul and reminds me that I can fly.
My friend Marc is always watching over me. It is time for me to start talking to him every day. I am wasting a powerful resource.
I am feeling lonely. It is difficult to admit, but helpful to acknowledge.
Purple: How can I feel happy today?
“You need to listen to music every day, think of Prince and remember going to his concert.”
Something I keep forgetting is that I am enough just the way I am!
Forgiveness begins with me.
Make a list of all the things I do not forgive in myself only then will I be able to begin to forgive others.

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